Arts–n–Carafes, a Painting and Sipping Experience

I had so much fun on Friday night at Arts-n-Carafes in Renton! It’s a combination of socializing, with wine and appetizers, in a totally non-intimidating painting class. It doesn’t, matter if you have never painted before – you walk out with your own canvas, feeling wonderfully talented! This new concept is catching on in many communities, and word of mouth has made this Renton location an increasingly popular destination for groups and individuals. When my daughter and I arrived, we first tied on the provided aprons, and filled our pallets with the necessary acrylic paint colors for the evening’s assignment. We chose our seats in front of upright easels and our brushes, then filled our plates with the appetizers and received our complimentary first glass of wine. Owner and art instructor, Bev Horn began showing us the process for creating our masterpiece – this one, a whimsical winter holiday scene with pink sky, blue snow, and lovely be-dazzled trees. One step at a time, we followed her example as she stood at an easel in front of the class. I decided
to take creative license, so my trees were not exactly as she directed, but it really doesn’t matter if you want to paint outside the box!

I asked Bev about her background and she said she came to the area from Nebraska in 2006, and moved to Renton in 2010. She started out as an art student but was side-tracked with family and a high-tech sales career for twenty years, which was more lucrative than the water color painting she loved. But eventually, she decided life was too short not to do what you are passionate about. So after attending a similar place and enjoying it, she opened
Arts–n–Carafes on 3rd Street in downtown Renton in April of this year. The walls of the studio are lined with acrylic art paintings from previous classes. Every night is a different theme. Patrons include corporate morale and team-building groups, birthday parties, and fund-raising events. Bev offers anywhere from 25% to 40% of the registration fee back for the non-profit groups, such as one she hosted for kidney dialysis and for Dimmitt and Hazelwood PTSA’s. She will soon be hosting a fundraiser for Renton High school’s Volleyball team.

My daughter and I plan to attend another class soon. Meanwhile, we are going to hang our lovely holiday paintings next to each other in a special place in our home! To find more information, or to get on the schedule, you can visit      



About The Creative Side of Renton

I have become captivated by Renton since moving here three years ago. I love the beautiful scenery, the wonderful people, and I have made it my mission to help to further develop and to promote the creativity, and the art and culture of this community.
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